Your Life Is In Your Hands is sure to kindle your enthusiasm to learn all there is to know about hand analysis. Take advantage of some of the many options to continue your self-exploration through personalized instruction with Kay Packard.

Private One-hour Reading – Learn more about what your hands say about you. You have a unique life path, life lessons, life purpose, and special gifts that work and play together to help you live the life you were meant to live. To promptly schedule and purchase your reading for $497USD, click the Buy Now button below.


Level 1 & 2 Hand Analysis Training – Learn the fundamentals of reading hands and decoding fingerprint patterns, so that you too can offer meaningful and accurate life-purpose hand readings. You’ll also decipher your own formula for successful living, based on your unique fingerprints combined with various markings in your hands.

Level 3 Certification Training – After completing Levels I & II you’ll be eligible to complete the year-long, 100-hour American Academy of Hand Analysis (AAHA) Level III certification program.

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