Richard UngerYour Life Is in Your Hands is a clear, concise, easy to follow book that gives step by step instructions on how to create a more meaningful life. This is a lot to accomplish in an introductory book and Packard is up to the task. Nicely illustrated hand markings with easy to follow explanations lead the reader to the creation of a personal Conscious Living Statement, an opportunity to use the hand’s coded information to build a better life. Your Life is in Your Hands is simultaneously simple and profound, a wonderful book for anyone seeking to understand themselves at a deeper level.”   —Richard Unger, Director, IIHA, author of LifePrints

Vernon Mahabal HeadI love this book! Kay’s method is on the front lines of palmistry’s cultural advancement. Bravo!   —Vernon Mahabal, author of The Secret Code on Your Hands



Petit PinsonKay so gracefully and skillfully leads us into a realm of self-discovery. Anyone ready to take the journey through these pages will find a deeper, fuller, truer way to live. Knowledge and passion come together to create a path by which we can access the magic in our hands. What a wonder to become literate to one’s own map of life!  —Petit Davina, RYT, CMT, Adventure Guide

Clarinda Sayre I loved Your Life Is In Your Hands. I sat down and devoured it. I’m not a person who reads a book twice, but I did this one. I want to tell my clients ‘You must get this book!’ I plan to bring it into my coaching practice to engage with my clients. I hope you’re starting the next one.”  —Clarinda Sayre, Soul Coach


Linda Salazar I’ve been reading hands for a little while now and yet I found Your Life is in Your Hands to be an amazing resource for taking my hand analysis work to another level. Kay’s ability to succinctly explain the various aspects of the hands and combine key markings into one beautifully worded sentence is one of her greatest gifts. Whether you’re a seasoned hand analyst, fairly new at this work, or just thinking about learning hand analysis this book contains information that’s so useful for all levels while having fun along the way!  —Linda Salazar, author Awaken the Genie Within