Reading Circle

Wendy McKeller Hand Rev 2How to Host a Hand Reading Circle

Following are guidelines for hosting a hand reading circle with your friends or colleagues. Everyone will learn something new about him- or herself and about the others. Interpersonal bonds will deepen. This could be one of the most memorable occasions you and your friends have ever shared. Consider hosting a reading circle for a bridal shower, birthday party, or Valentine’s Day celebration, or for an anniversary, graduation, retirement, or holiday party.

To invite people to your hand reading circle, follow the steps below.

Select seven to ten friends, clients, or workmates to invite. Let them know about Your Life is in Your Hands and the highlights of what you have learned about yourself from the book. Invite your guests to purchase this book at, or give the book to them as a gift, so they can prepare for the event.

Set the date and time for your hand reading circle. Allow fifteen to twenty minutes per person, plus forty minutes for mingling and enjoying appetizers (provided by you, or pot luck).

Send invitations and ask everyone to finish the book a few days before the gathering, and ask your guests to RSVP. An sample invitation is included in the book. Be sure to include:

What to Bring: Yourself, your completed assignments from Your Life is in Your Hands and a yummy dish to share. You will be invited to talk about what you learned about yourself with the group in a private and sacred setting. This will be an incredible way for us to support and nurture each other and ourselves on our life journey.

On the day of your hand reading circle, follow these steps to set up and run the event.

Prepare the space for your circle. A circular configuration is best because everyone will feel equal.

Set the stage for a supportive, uplifting, and safe experience.

Within 5 or 10 minutes of your planned start time, invite everyone to come into the circle and take a seat. Talk through the format for your guests to share their insights. Suggested guidelines are included in the book.

After the circle send a card, e-mail or text-message, to each of your guests thanking them for being open and willing to share.

If you hosted a hand reading circle, using the guidelines in the book, and would like to share about your experience, please email